Observing Life | Hungary, Budapest

As I sat on the plane bound to Budapest, I thought about the travels that I took months ago. I realized that my heart is always drawn to observe the life of the place.  Also, I'm not the best tour guide. Most of the time, I don't visit "tourist spots", I prefer to get lost with my camera and experience what the place can offer or I chill inside a coffee shop and observe my surroundings. 

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Hannah MagsayoComment
Photo Diary: Why You Should Explore Tbilisi Without An Itinerary

Georgia? Do you have a US VISA? I'm confused! 

It is a country in Caucasus region, it is located across Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Georgia is a former Soviet Republic that is home to Caucasus mountain villages and Black Sea beaches.

Georgia has always been on my radar since last year. Who would not love to experience snow and cheap wines?  In short, this is the place if you are into wines and good food. It is also an amazing place where every photographers dream off - interesting architectures, great cityscape, locals are friendly and less crowded compared to other major cities. 

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