Observing Life | Hungary, Budapest

Hungary, Budapest


As I sat on the plane bound to Budapest, I thought about the travels that I took months ago. I realized that my heart is always drawn to observe the life of the place.  Also, I'm not the best tour guide. Most of the time, I don't visit "tourist spots", I prefer to get lost with my camera and experience what the place can offer or I chill inside a coffee shop and observe my surroundings. 

"Budapest reminded me of Bangkok, artsy, fun and also a little dingy at points."

Budapest is one my favorite European cities to visit. It reminded me of  Bangkok, artsy, fun and also a little dingy at points. It is full of life and it is a city that has its own character. Every day the city is full of energy and it continues into the night. Traveling to Budapest feels like a dream, arts and music are everywhere, the everyday morning rush, stunning architecture, ridiculously cheap and the people are welcoming and warm  - these are just some little details that made me fall in love with what Budapest.

Here are my favorite photos from Budapest to inspire your next travels

  Chestnut vendor

Chestnut vendor


Budapest is beautiful and timeless. I hope to return soon and experience Budapest more.

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