Photo Diary: Why You Should Explore Tbilisi Without An Itinerary


Georgia? Do you have a US VISA? I'm confused! 

It is a country in Caucasus region, it is located across Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Georgia is a former Soviet Republic that is home to Caucasus mountain villages and Black Sea beaches.

Georgia has always been on my radar since last year. Who would not love to experience snow and cheap wines?  In short, this is the place if you are into wines and good food. It is also a great place where every photographer dream off - interesting architectures, great cityscape, friendly environment and less crowded compared to other major cities. 

Getting lost in an unfamiliar place is my favorite thing to do whenever I travel. It's like you are seeing the place from a local's perspective and it allows you to discover hidden gems. While words and photos will never give justice on what I saw, I hope these photos will inspire you to make your own journey while visiting Tbilis.


My favorite place would be definitely the Tbilisi's Old Town and it is best explored on foot. The old town is lying at the foot of the hill, an ancient fortress, Narikala. The charm of Tbilisi's Old Town is definitely a tourist trap. It has its own charm that is made up of cafes, restaurants, shops, churches, cellar, old and unique houses.

Tbilisi, a city of Surprise

This underrated place has a full surprise for travelers that will leave them breathless. The city is truly beautiful and charming even outside the old town.  Architectures are on point - it's a mixed of European and Union Soviet and the vibe of the city is relaxing. 

A random store around Republic Square. Despite of the language barrier, this kid was very friendly and flashed her sweetest smile at me. 

Taken above the Fortress. The view was spectacular. 


Will I go back? Yes, definitely! Tbilisi is on my list.  I hope you enjoy my "photo walk" as much as I do.