Friend:  Where is your next destination?

Me:   Armenia

Friend:  Armenia what? That country sounds weird. Anyway, Goodluck to your adventure!

Me:  Just wait for my photos and stories when I get back. 

I've always believed that travelling is not just limited to France, Italy, Japan, and the like. Of course, I want to visit those countries but the world is so big that you need to explore some places too.  Each place has its own gem that you need to discover. 

Armenia is a former union soviet republic, in the mountainous Caucasus region between Asia and Europe. Yup, there is a country named Armenia and they speak Armenian and Russian.  Yerevan, the capital of Armenia is called the "The pink city" and it is one of the most beautiful cities that I've been to.  They have a "union soviet" architecture which I find it interesting. The buildings are massive, concrete and the streets are clean and spacious. 

Since I'm a huge fan of cute cafés, spaces, and food, I wasn't expecting much about their food scene. But boy, I got a 10 seconds heart attack when I saw their food scene. You can find them everywhere and they are open until wee hours of the morning. And it's cheap! (Talking about less than 2USD for a glass of wine)

Here are the 30 photos that will probably make you want to book a flight to Armenia ASAP

Exploring the Garni Temple through my polaroid. 

Temple of Garni

Found this near the bus stop. 


Of course I explored their underground metro, one of my favorite things to do!


Welcome to the Republic Square! Yup, it's pink


Transportation. You can find them anywhere in Yerevan. It's easy and cheap except that the driver can't speak english.


A flower shop near my hostel. This shop is always full and the vendor is quite friendly. Love it!


On my way to the countryside!

Look at the scenery.  I know, it's amazing!!  I fell in love with this. 

Random donut store.  

Morning walk aka a hunt for a nice breakfast


Favorite photo. 

I found this spot while doing my morning walk. I love the contrast between the vehicle and the wall. 

 The world is beautiful. 

To Sevan Lake!

How I wish I have this kind of view everyday. Ahh!!

Welcome to the "Pink City" 

This is what I'm talking about! Cafés are everywhere. And look at the light . 


I'm not sure what's the name of this church. I just stumbled this one while I was exploring their underground metro.

8:00am ish. 

At Sevan Lake. 

Random store near the monastery. 

Vendor. She is selling bonnets. 

One of the most rewarding thing that I saw on that day. 

This is how their city looks like. Usually, Mount Ararat is visible on this spot. Not my luck, I guess. 

I love their hot chocolate by the way! I wish they have a branch here in Dubai. 

Balcony goals. I would love to live in a place like this!



Armenia is one of the most underrated places I've visited.  It has amazing landscapes , friendly people, and the vibe of the city is captivating. I wish this country will stay a gem forever. 

Thank you Armenia for welcoming me!